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Asian Single Personals - Personal Ads and Photos from 54 to 56 years old


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Wendy2012 54 y/o

China, Shenzhen
keep happy
I divorced with my ex as we found out that we didní»t fit each other, we need freedom and a fresh life. I am a woman with a great passion for life....
nitro624 55 y/o

China, Dongguan
You sleep when you die
I am an American in Dongguan . I have been here almost 2 years . I am seeking a true love.I am an English teacher in nancheng and changping. I...
Aigulya 55 y/o

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Life's beautiful, you're welcome to enjoy it.
I'm caring and tender person. I'm eager to love and to be loved. I hate lies and do not lie myself. I'm looking for serious relations and ask young...
Udita 54 y/o

Russia, Avtovo
Russian woman seeks a life-partner and true-love.
I am intelligent, smart, elegant, romantic, optimistic, loyal. My profession is history of fine arts. I speak English and study Spanish. I like...
shailesh 54 y/o

India, Mehsana
I am a social worker and i serch activity for self satisfacsion. serch intrested frind for social activity. child issu is my favrit fild.i am joint...
Alcond 56 y/o

China, Kunming
Life is fun... and I love my life!
It would be so much more fun if we could talk together over a good meal. (You are invited) But here are a few quick facts... I have enjoyed an...
34014 54 y/o

China, Guangzhou
I'm so honest person, op...
I'm so honest person, open minded, friendly, good looking, look younger, beleive love is the power of the life, and beleive a women is the key of...
Saule07 54 y/o

Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakh woman seeking her soulmate
Hi, my name is Saule & i live in Kazakhstan. I'm a woman wants to find a second part in this big world. I love to meet HIM & give him my life. I...
meimei1961 55 y/o

China, Guilin
Life is i have you by my side
I always walk along the lake, my hand in the air, the wind want to hold it, but I can't fell warm, the rain want to hold it, but I told him, it's...
yulan 54 y/o

China, Nanning
I am finding really love!
I am a 44 year old Chinese Lady, with traditional Chinese values, a good sense of humour, attractive, well groomed, a good homemaker and interested...

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