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Asian Single Personals - Personal Ads and Photos from 57 to 59 years old


Sri LankaChinaGeorgiaIndia
JapanSouth KoreaKazakhstanPakistan


India, New Delhi
Life is beautiful, lets share it.
Having achieved almost everything in life, would like to find an attractive & loving companion. My interests are music (jazz,worship John...
cuimin 57 y/o

China, Suzhou
Happy life!
Hello, I am Wang Cuimin from China. I am kind,open-minded. I like to read,watch TV in my spare time.and i also like to cook chinese food.I enjoy...
anthamal 58 y/o

Sri Lanka, Colombo
meet the woman of transparent with accountability
I am an Asian Gent, passed 50 years, separated, no children(but i love kids very much), doing business on a small scale. My hobbies are travelling,...
19919 58 y/o

I am looking for my secon...
I am looking for my second half So, what do I want in life… I simply want to be happy, I want to love my Man and to be loved by him, I want to...
biquan 59 y/o

China, Guangzhou
Hello I am seedking my right man
I was commented a sincerely, lovely person, by the equal of one's word. My disadvantage is: principle extremely. People called me who is the Virgin...
wangguangjun 59 y/o

China, Shenyang
Good woman looking for good man
I am romantic and tender. I have many interests. In my spare time, I like reading, cooking delicacy or climbing hills. Friends evaluate me as a...
irinabell1 59 y/o

Russia, Samara
Beauty in opinion of looking
Good afternoon! If you will be interested with my questionnaire invite to continue dialogue. I am interested in gravity of dialogue. Irina. Have...
galya08 58 y/o

Russia, Moscow
looking for someone special
I am a warm hearted, loyal and caring person with traditional values, trying to be modern at the same time. I think i am roamntic and quite...
xying315 57 y/o

China, Shenzhen
for true love and marriage
I am an honest, confident, independent, mild and calm person. I have a strong traditional family value. At spare time, I like traveling, cooking,...
51418 57 y/o

I'm very kind, honest, i...
I'm very kind, honest, intelligence, even-tempered, tender, open minded, friendly, good looking, look younger, beleive love is the power o... more...

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