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Asian Single Personals - Personal Ads and Photos from 66 to 68 years old


Sri LankaChinaIndiaSouth Korea

ernesto48 68 y/o

Kazakhstan, Almaty
live today
I am a businessman travelling nearly every mont for 2 weeks to Almaty and I am looking for a girl friend who is ready to spend her time with me. I...
grace2008 67 y/o

China, Shenzhen
To be a true person
I was a gynecologist in a hospital before I retired, so I like children.because my work is waiting for new life coming in to the world. Now I just...
Galinka 66 y/o

Russia, Yuzhnaya Okha
Better late than never
Beautiful, charming, with large eyes, plamp lips, dark hair, green eyes, soft voice, intelligent, educated, romantic, honest, sincere, tender,...
Yanchik1949 68 y/o

Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Looking for my dear second hal
I am very calm and home woman, appreciating domestic cosiness very much, careful, cheerful, optimistic and romantic. My friends say I am reliable...
15816 67 y/o

India, New Delhi
I am tall, dark (wheat co...
I am tall, dark (wheat color complexion), a self-employed International Sales & Marketing Professional and would like to have a mate to start own...
28326 67 y/o

India, Mumbai
I am very hard working, s...
I am very hard working, sober, considerate person who respects the others feelings and give them room to grow. I love to watch news and enjoy...
rizbarrister 66 y/o

India, Mumbai
love and be loved
romantic., jovial, fun loving, humourous. like travelling, new adventures in life.,,love to be in a good company., intellegent and looking for all...
lalkb 68 y/o

India, Amritsar
To serve humanity by treating diseases.
By the grace of God i am handsome and have a look of of forty.I am post-graduate in medicine( vety.). I was Govt. Doctor. Now i have my own...
humbleperson 68 y/o

India, Trivandrum
As a simple person ------
I am a medical doctor working in Libya My main interests are my own medical field, traval, reading, knowing people from different parts of the...
kkdewani 67 y/o

India, New Delhi
To enjoy life to the full extent by give and...
I am young by heart looking for a life companion to enjoy life to the full extent. Anybody interested can contact me without any obligation.Any...

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