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Austria, Au
love is precious
i am a simple and sincere person who is very friendly and likse kids and aminals. i am honest and like to listern to others opinion on issues. i am...
35628 52 y/o

I am homurous, faithful...
I am a homorous, faithful man from Austria, Vienna, like sports (skiing, climbing, diving.) nature, travelling and searching you for a harmonious...
22336 33 y/o

Austria, Wien
Musik - Partys - work to ...
Musik - Partys - work to much some times i don't like people with fixed thinks to do..not the typ who knows next day what to do.....i got my job...
joseph 56 y/o

Austria, Wien
Relaxed man, still curiou...
Relaxed man, still curious about the whole world, loves traveling but want to have a family also - I love living with kids and watch them grow , I...
13014 47 y/o

Austria, Graz
I am attractive man with ...
I am attractive man with dark hair and brown eyes, very sensitive and humorous in character. I like woman who expresses her inner selfs also with...
34498 38 y/o

Austria, Graz
I am very loving, caring ...
I am very loving, caring and romantic with a good sense of humour, reliable, trustworthy and easygoing. I am open minded when it comes to...
neoxx 37 y/o

Austria, Vienna
Dont do, what you can't handle
Handsome gengleman, but also sometimes freaky. Adult man but sometimes chilldish. Serious Man but sometimes spontanous
hary1 46 y/o

Austria, Vienna
enjoy everything what you do
I am a nearly normal person sensitiv, a little shie, romaric and feeling is importent for me! Also is friendschip importent in my live!
leober 61 y/o

Austria, Vienna
Take it easy
I am historian and I look for a beautyful wife which likes so see museums and to ride by bike. She should be not to big (up to 170 cm) and she...
rhymes 33 y/o

Austria, Wien
let's celebrate love/life
I am a play boy who finally wants to settle down. I am like, women claim, "an every womans dream". My ideal woman must be nice looking, easy going...

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