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Finland Personals, Finland Dating European Single Personals - Personal Ads and Photos



saunamies 56 y/o

Finland, Kouvola
better now than never
Im not so young any more but still quite handsome. I like sport and nature specilly flowers. I have traveled in many countries. Moustly in Far East...
tanett 55 y/o

Finland, Helsinki
life is wonderfull
I am from Finland , but Estonian zitisen. I looking for life long partner. I am sensual and have wonderful romantic soul. I am very honest and...
crestfallen 25 y/o

Finland, Pohja
Never annoy poodles.
I identify myself as: A slight sentimentalist who loves to get up at 5am to go for a walk and watch the sun rise. A music lover who listens to...
ElisaFin 36 y/o

Finland, Lahti
A real women!!!!!
Hello to every1, im looking for a man with onasty, a man who knows how to treat a women, a man who want family, but not with packet himself( not...
hotsky513 41 y/o

Finland, Kouvola
Building a spaceship
Please don't be afraid of my age, I am a shapeshifter, call me D. I am from St. Petersburg, Ru, San Francisco, Ca, Kouvola, Fin, artist, painter,...
43124 46 y/o

Finland, Imatra
I'm a finnish lady who h...
I'm a finnish lady who hasn't found the soul mate yet. I'm sure he is somewhere...just wondering why finding takes so long time! Anyway, i love...
tykoboy 52 y/o

Finland, Helsinki
Im 184 cm,46 years old big man, but noy violence. im divorce and I have two boys but they are grown now up. My profession is paper making. And i...
smiih 36 y/o

Finland, Pori
Nice guy who likes pretty and fun girls =) i like cooking, sports and nice quiet evenings. Sometimes clubbing and just like to have fun. maybe with...
rockabilly 53 y/o

Finland, Helsinki
Pleasant, calm, friendly. I am looking for a friend that I can find via the computer. I am familiar with New York City and places there. I love...
Ricu75 37 y/o

Finland, Tampere
Take it easy...
Here I am! Decent, romantic and loyal man from Finland. My hobbies are fishing, badmington, fishing and bowling....

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