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15492 54 y/o

Germany, Frankfurt
I think I am a charming, ...
I think I am a charming, caring, trustful, always self confident, calm and handsome looking guy, so just try and find out more about me and my...
athletykmc 31 y/o

Germany, Weilerbach
Try anything twice, in case you mess it up the...
Well, I'm a pretty open guy. I like trying new things, especially things that challenge me. In my free time I draw, write, read, play sports,...
MissYeto 23 y/o

Germany, Nurnberg
Feel what others aren't able to feel, if u fall...
I am a inteligent Woman without the big education - coz i'm a traditionall Lady. (=i don't was on a university, but i am ready with school and got...
Aviator 44 y/o

Germany, Hamburg
Gentle, honest, educated,...
Gentle, honest, educated, sometimes a little more boy than man, fitting better into jeans than into suits although forced daily to do different ;-)...
domoha 33 y/o

Germany, Duisburg
i am cool and lovely woman i want to meet a cool and lovely man that we can have the same common interest together. I am a teacher as well and i...
Mompti 63 y/o

Germany, Flensburg
adventure, travel. swimming and sex
Handsome, older german guy - unhappy married - warmhearted, open -mindet, versatile, adaptable, tolerant, discret, uncomplicate, don`t smoke, drink...
sysysylvie 42 y/o

Germany, Munich
everything is possible
Very special lady, artist(actress, magican,modell), no children, widdow,tolerant, flexibel,travelled half the world,charismatic,,expressiv,speeks...
charly13 56 y/o

Germany, Oberhausen
live all day came have the last day
I looking for my big love in the live, a very honest caring lovely romantig and very passionate woman, for the long in livetime relationship to get...
luvlylady 36 y/o

Germany, Berlin
willing to share life with my mate
I'm romantic, passionate, emotionally, caring, honest, trust worthy, hardworking, adventurous, have a Human sense of Honor, and Basically, i am a...
niklanu 40 y/o

Germany, Dresden
interpret the signes that life is giving
hi. I am an italian boy living in dresden and i would like to meet an interesting girl. i like to make sport and travel around the world. please...

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