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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Personals - Personal Ads and Photos from 72 to 74 years old



archie 73 y/o

Canada, Toronto
the truth sets you free
I am a tax accountant, with my own practise. I have never stopped studying, and am presently working on a paper in the field of physics. With a...
kampsy 74 y/o

Canada, Woodstock
still lots of zip
Well very active walk ride dance and in summers do yard work (ect) ..and i am lay back ...yes i do like my caribbean trips ...cuba ismy home...
Zipper 74 y/o

Canada, Bowmanville
Lets try it on
Im old retired and still need romance.The still is a lot of life left in this fella. I need to find my soul mate in life again. Being a widower has...
31322 73 y/o

Canada, Uxbridge
great sense of humour. li...
great sense of humour. light-hearted. easy going. spontaneous. love the outdoors. love dogs and cats. VERY warm and affectionate! don't like to...
9571 73 y/o

Canada, Edmonton
Honest, Sincere, Kind, fa...
Honest, Sincere, Kind, faithful one woman man. Love to love and be loved. Look lot younger than my age. Very healthy and fit. No medical or other...