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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Personals - Personal Ads and Photos from 72 to 74 years old



chatsahib 72 y/o

Canada, Ottawa
Life is for the living lets co
Rennaisance man. Tall, hunky, fit. Eclectic tastes. gourmet cooking, antiques, fine dining, outdoor activities, photography, reading and travel. I...
45333 73 y/o

Forever young, passionate...
Forever young, passionate, compassionate with a good sense of humour. I try to work out daily to stay in good shape. Growing old is mandatory but...
Sandy1945 73 y/o

ruready to cuddle
I am 5-5 175# white/grey hair. two coloured eyes one green and one blue, i am ample size well padded in the right place. I am a very open minded...
uncutgem 72 y/o

Canada, Courtenay
I'm interested in finding a fun to be with kinda lady…. One that has not too much past baggage and is interested in lot's of exciting times and...
56704 72 y/o

Canada, Kamloops
Please, could you give mo...
I am no longer available. I have met the perfect woman for me. We are extremely happy and planning a long future. We wish for you that you find...
emunah 72 y/o

Canada, Calgary
Lets have fun
Still handsome, in my fifties, often mistaken for middle forties, writer, actor, singer, academic and public speaker. I am gentle of nature and...
37890 74 y/o

I am a fairly interesting...
I am a fairly interesting, physically and intellectually active, pretty decent looking guy. Emotional and physical intimacy are important . Born in...
ladymay 73 y/o

Canada, Penticton
Live, Love and be Happy
I am an energetic, caring, compassionate individual. I value myself, family, friends and good health. I work full time and would probably slow down...
bellon3849 74 y/o

live while you can
I live life on the edge, I am not afraid to take chances in life or in love I love to cook, I like all kinds of music, from classical to Rock &...
solitair 74 y/o

Canada, Ottawa
enjoy life
Professional, good sense of hummor, easy to talk to ,not bad looking-will send picture. Active in good health, athleyic build. Many and varied...

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