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Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 21 to 23 years old


AfricaCentral America and the CaribbeanNorth AmericaSoutheast Asia

phivan94 23 y/o

Vietnam, Cao Lanh
hi everybody,...
Iam just a simple girl, i like reading good books, thrill stories, i also online to chat and listen to the music in my free time, my favorite...
zohar 22 y/o

United States, New York
to be happy until the last day
I'm happy, i wanna be a great person, i want to learn much languages, i wanna travel in the world, i love the literatura, history, i like the...
blossom 22 y/o

United States, Ellington
im short like 5\'3 brown hair glasses i love to read i also love scary movies Even know they still scare me i love sports baseball kickball u name...

United States, Truesdale

United States, Hartsdale
Single in New York
Party Girl in NYC Suburbs. I am looking for a well-established older man to have some fun with. Smokers/Drinkers please. I am very spontaneous, and...

United States, Wilmington
just live
fun flirty and single pretty cute funny loving romantic just trying to live day by day wanting someone in my life so yeah message me right now go...
lainan 23 y/o

United States, Schenectady
love hurts when you think you meet the right...
i'm a very intelligent outspoken young girl am also a hot and sexy girl with a curve shape love romantic a sociable person who love to...

United States, Waukegan
A True Friend Stabs You In The Front
Hey guys! I'm Cassy (: I'm 15 (not 18) And I'm a figure skater (: I love dancing, partying and having a good time (: Hit me up if you wanna know...

United States, Thermal
I'm not a fool to be fooled by a fool
I'm pretty, fair-skinned beauty, sexy, and smart. I love having relationships with someone who knows how to respect girls and can live without...
adinah 22 y/o

Trinidad and Tobago, Castara
anything worth doing is worth doing well
i am a very kind,loving,honest and trustfull person.i only do good things to and for people because i want and expect them to do the same for me.i...

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