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Dating Ladies - Classified Ads with Photos from 21 to 23 years old


AfricaCentral America and the CaribbeanNorth AmericaSoutheast Asia

acacia 23 y/o

South Africa, Johannesburg
I'm a fast learner,quick witted,smart,sexy,have a purest heart,I don't judge people ,I don't love what they have but I love them the way God...
BrazenBull 23 y/o

United States, Tampa
Don't judge those who sin differently than you.
Hello! My name is Brittany and I am looking for friends and we hall see what happens from there I AM A PANSEXUAL! If you don't know...
helloobrooke 23 y/o

United States, Glendale
Chin up !
im a cool person to talk to. i love spending time with my family and friends. im looking for a guy who will actually treat me right & love me...
JennySanta 23 y/o

United States, Methuen
Everyone has a soulmate, it just may take some...
Hi, I'm Jen. I like to say that I'm a pretty nerdy and crazy girl. I love video games, mostly because my dad loves them and constantly buys me and...
CODgamerGurl 23 y/o

United States, Carlinville
MW3 BABY! <3 PS3!
Hello!.. My Name is Dana, And i'm Irish. I Was Born In Ireland, and i Speak Irish, I LOVE PS3! AND GAMES! I Have MW3! Fuck Yeah! I'm a Natural...

United States, Coopers Plains
Loving people as they are
I'm 5"4 , dark skin and dark brown hair and eyes. I'm Jamaican and Cuban. I'm currently a Dancer HSA ( Harlem school of the arts ). I also enjoy...
ladybug98 23 y/o

United States, Covington
my live motto is to open my own bisness and be...
im a 5 foot 3 inch tall female i know every thing about cars hunting and love im just realy lonly im 14 im sweet corky bubbly and a load of fun i...
pyaluv816 23 y/o

United States, Pittsburgh
cinfidence is fashion
funny, outgoing, cool to hang with, someone u can tell anything to... just a cool person. i talk alot so many things to talk bout, i sing, draw,...
jasminereed 23 y/o

United States, Louisville
If you jump i jump
hi my name is jasmine im blonde, blue eyes, pink lips, 5'7", singer and i have a very big heart. my fav colors are black and hot pink, my fav thing...
stormy33 23 y/o

United States, Clifton
Hi, im Stacie im a very calm person love to...
Im a very active and energetic person. im also the type that likes to be calm and just have nice relaxing time. my hobbies: swimming, hiking,...

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