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Dating Ladies - Classified Ads with Photos from 24 to 26 years old


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Anonimnaya 26 y/o

Russia, Moscow
love love love
I`m looking for a partner and wish to find my love) Is my perfect man here?:) Free time I like to spend with my friends, watching films or...
lezibaby 26 y/o

United States, McDonald
when life knocks you down, stand back up and...
i'm shy. i'm bisexual but i'm looking for a nice sweet girl to have a relationship with. i am taking a break from guys. i don't talk much on the...

United States, Topton
looking for Mr. Right <3
I'm Chrissie. I'm from around the Kutztown area. I love to laugh and I tend to express my feelings and love for someone through hugs, kisses and...
LLG09 26 y/o

United States, Madill
You Only Live Once
I'm just me. Far from perfect/flawed/characterized. I'm not exactly normal. I'm a little sicker than your average. =) I'm laid back and go with...
tempesta1215 26 y/o

United States, Uncasville
my name is heather i love to be outside and at the beach!! i like trying new things alot. my favorite color is green and i love being around...

United States, Stephens City
Never Give Up!
I have blue eyes and brownish blonde hair. I am average at everything, but perfect at being myself. I am plain-jane looking, but have a...
ka92 25 y/o

Kenya, Nairobi
Taking action is making your dreams a reality!
I am a 5.3 ,slender ,beautiful African lady with brown eyes and black hair. I love hanging out with friends travelling and reading good books! I...
cata9219 25 y/o

United States, Los Angeles
Hi i'm cata, wanna have some fun? read mi ad...
hi i'm cata i'm 21 yearas old, i'm living in the united states but i'm colombian, i came here cause of bussiness reason and studies, i live with a...
williams789 25 y/o

United States, Baltimore
People do say that the sky
People do say that the sky is their limit but I strongly believe that sky is my starting point. I believe in myself, my ability, my strength, my...
favourbabh 25 y/o

Senegal, Dakar
I need a good man
I am a nice looking girl never married before still single also a student

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