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Photo Ads of Single Women seeking Men from 27 to 29 years old


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irissalar 28 y/o

Philippines, Cebu City
if theres no way God will make a way
i am a good conversationalist, passionate, loving ,caring and honest .i love to cook and travelling, i love to meet many friends, i am creative...
elvira 29 y/o

United States, Tucson
i am who i am deal with it or dont.
well im very small strange. i like horror movies comic books reading books writing stories. cooking sewing playing video games. walking around...
nofxroxx 29 y/o

United States, Novelty
looking for a loving man
Hi, my name is Rachel. I am 21 years old and live in novelty, Ohio. I was just laid off due to a company shut down in early Nov. I'm not a bum! I...

United States, Nunda
I'm both an angel and a devil :)
I am a natural brunette with gorgeous brown eyes. I am roughly 5'3 and have an average build. I love to make friends and I love hanging out with...
imeasyforyou 27 y/o

United States, Satellite Beach
Looking for a good friend
i love to talk with people and getting to know new people. i love to laugh and if someone can make me laugh than im super easy to get along with. i...
Alyssa0206 29 y/o

United States, Auburn
All I Want Is For One Guy To Prove To Me That...
I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am shy at first but then I start talking more and more. I also am 4 months pregnant and am going to be a single...
auntbai 28 y/o

United States, Kansas City
loking for a good guy
ok so i have no clue what to say on this but my name is Bailey i am a nanny for a 8 month old little boy and i love it. i love to go on road...
jemimah 28 y/o

United States, Springfield
its better 2 b luv dan not 2 luv @ all..
kind loving person..sweet openminded n will do anything 4 my not hard to please.willing to hve a close door relationship...ready in any...

United States, Walton
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get...
I'm 18, from Lexington, Ky. Just hangin at college, love to party, but I still got class. :) I'm fun, and I love everybody. So talk to me. I'm...
fallenonu 28 y/o

United States, Beverly Hills
is it hot in here or is it just me?..
let me tell you something about my me janneth i live in pampanga for 20 years..i am a person who can easily be with and im very down to...

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