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Photo Ads of Single Women seeking Men from 27 to 29 years old


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auntbai 28 y/o

United States, Kansas City
loking for a good guy
ok so i have no clue what to say on this but my name is Bailey i am a nanny for a 8 month old little boy and i love it. i love to go on road...
jemimah 29 y/o

United States, Springfield
its better 2 b luv dan not 2 luv @ all..
kind loving person..sweet openminded n will do anything 4 my not hard to please.willing to hve a close door relationship...ready in any...

United States, Walton
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get...
I'm 18, from Lexington, Ky. Just hangin at college, love to party, but I still got class. :) I'm fun, and I love everybody. So talk to me. I'm...
fallenonu 29 y/o

United States, Beverly Hills
is it hot in here or is it just me?..
let me tell you something about my me janneth i live in pampanga for 20 years..i am a person who can easily be with and im very down to...
Maya 28 y/o

Ukraine, Krasnyy Liman
Unexpecting circumstances is the main regulator...
I am kind,sensitive and modest girl without a sexual experience. I am a student of the chemical college. I like the nature and want to be an...
sweetmandy 29 y/o

United States, Belfry
my heart is close but my legas are open lol
I am wild and extraordinary and somewhat of a bitch at times Iam sensitive in all the right areas as well as sexy, sweet and LOTS of fun!I like to...
Socagirl 29 y/o

Cuba, Camaguey
Me my self and I
Well i am a social girl who likes to have friends around the world and maby with a bit of lock i can find my man....i enjoy sex but pleace thats...

United States, Milwaukee
Im not here to jude anybody, so dont judge me
I am me, I tend not to be the average girl. I like many diffrent things of life, one is helping others. I love traveling, reading, watching movies...
ladyfly12 29 y/o

Canada, Prince George
new to town and looking for friends :)
Well, Im new to Prince George and am looking for women in town to hang out with and start friendships (maybe more) with. I like yoga, playing pool,...
angelic89 28 y/o

United States, Folkston
Seize The Day
Never know what to say here really. I'm Anna, i turn 20 in less than two weeks. I love just about all kinds of music, from The Beatles to Lordi. I...

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