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Dating Girls from 30 to 32 years old


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michelleluy 30 y/o

Philippines, Manila
everyday do not spent love on waste
1. I am complicated person. Yet, I believe I am fairly simple one way or another. 2. I have a liberated concept of what life should be. But our...
keyshia 31 y/o

Netherlands Antilles,...
One successful woman
Im very fun n to do krazi stuuffz i love to do new tings, chat with ma frends, go out to dinner, laugh, eat, sleep, go hiking,...
lilcarissa22 30 y/o

United States, Frederiksted
Love me for me and not my stuff
i am an outgoing,outspoken,and a very shy person who love to watch a lot of movies and who love to play a lot of video games and p c games,i love...

Belarus, Minsk
I'm interesting girl who wants to make new friends)) I'm funny, sunny, I ike music, movie, good books, good people. I want to find peole who can...
Lemon 32 y/o

Russia, Moscow
if you're not allowed to do smth, but you wanna...
Ambitious ( ...horoscope: Tiger... ), impudent( ...23 years old...) , obstinate ( ...sign of the Zodiac: Aries... ) , beautiful ( comments......
kellies 32 y/o

United States, Snellville
am a nice fun loving girl and i will like to meet the man of my heart on this site. feel free to talk to me anytime.....
lilkimmyxash 32 y/o

United States, Phoenix
I'm conceited because I'm proud of who I am...
I believe that expressing myself is an important part of my freedom.. Im friendly and a frank person. I have a great amount of interest and my...
Tzipporah23 32 y/o

United States, Union City
Up for Something New
I enjoy a lot of activities like walking, music, swimming, dancing, eating, tv, movies,theater,concerts,beaches, camping, horseback riding,...

United States, San Francisco
looking for somepone who can take care of me
As you see me walking around, hungering for happiness, tasting the solemn sweetness of the wind. Finding a man that is beyond my wildest...
rachelle2386 32 y/o

Philippines, Manila
looking for you only
A sensible person who like to meet different people of different background. A person whom you can talk about anything under the sun. If you are...

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