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Single Women from 36 to 38 years old


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succy4love 37 y/o

United States, New York
Is good to be good
What would you like to know more about me ? What would i SAY ?First, I enjoy life very much and believe that everyday is a good day. Being...
newlife 37 y/o

United States, Chicago
life is beautiful
I am looking to meet someone who knows what they want in life. I am looking for someone who can show me the world they come from and I want to do...
prettygrace 36 y/o

United Kingdom, Manchester
i am seeking for what call love and really love
i wanted to be that person people see i am and i am and i always want to be loyal , honest and serious n everything i am doing, so i am really...

United States, Buna
am single and looking for the right man
am single lady, with good sense of humor, loving, honest and dedicated person, genuine, and understanding, am looking for a good marriage minded...
dragonaj 36 y/o

United States, Ogden
Scared but learning to live.
Hi! I am a 28 yr old woman and I don't get out too much, so I thought I'd give this a try. I like to read and draw, love to paint but never...
mikjoyce 36 y/o

United States, Greencastle
To love and be loved back.
I am honest, friendly, simple and sweet lady who loves to have fun and laugh alot. I see myself as somebody with a good sense of humor and...
domoha 38 y/o

Germany, Duisburg
i am cool and lovely woman i want to meet a cool and lovely man that we can have the same common interest together. I am a teacher as well and i...
kuapa100 38 y/o

United States, San Francisco
let get together to make it happend
I'm a very active person who loves the outdoors. Happy with the way my life has turned out and feel that I have learned from my mistakes and chalk...
natka9002 38 y/o

Russia, Butovo
Smile and once again smile
I like nature, anything outdoors, animals, plants and especially flowers as maybe all ladies do. My work is also closely connected with flowers,I...
bewithyou 36 y/o

Philippines, Marilao
nobody will tell u what u can do and what u...
im simple person with full of dreams in friendly and down to earth.I love reading books...i enjoy surfing the net..meeting new people......

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