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Photo Ads of Single Women seeking Men from 39 to 41 years old


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South AmericaSoutheast Asia

51875 41 y/o

Thailand, Ongkharak
Princess looking for Prince
If you belived in destiny... I hope you can find me and start to reading now... I not England people... I am Asian gril and live from you so...
waiting4love 41 y/o

United States, New York
good looking
I am attentive and responsive person, with calm and stable character. I like cleanliness and order at home, I enjoy creating cozy atmosphere. I am...

United States, San Francisco
looking for my dream man
i am a caring,loving and very passionate easy going lady who has been hurted by men and now seeking the man of my dream to spend the rest of my...
seekamte2233 41 y/o

United States, Bethlehem
Looking for a new mate
I have a lot to offer the right man, once he comes along. I`m open minded, honest, sincere, caring, understanding, and patient. And that`s what I`m...
west2010 39 y/o

United States, Maysville
I consider myself reserved, but if people start talking to me, I warm up quite quickly. I am a very loyal person, and tend to expect that from the...
barnescares 40 y/o

United States, Spokane
I am interested very much in history, arts, theater, photography, literature, traveling, learning foreign languages. I like walking and hiking. I...
Aloneheart 39 y/o

United States, Griffin
I am looking for a serious man
I am politically conservative and fiscally responsible. I know I have sounded, to this point, pretty rigid, but I really am a fun loving, easy...

United States, Missoula
Life is what you make it.
A caring loyal lady also genuine and honest. I have a love of the outdoors and getting back to nature be it the bush or the sea. I like a walk...
needluv32 40 y/o

United States, Syracuse
Looking for real love.
I am compassionate, down to earth. intelligent, outgoing, and a great listener. I can take "constructive criticism well and tend to have a...
golyboglazka 40 y/o

United States, Washington
Look at me!)
I the modest, beautiful girl, I like to talk with people with sense of humor! I like to do sports and listen different music. So if you...

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