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Single Women from 39 to 41 years old


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37820 39 y/o

Indonesia, Jakarta
I'm from indonesia. Work...
I'm from indonesia. Work as secretary. Simple Person, Common girl with attitude and behaviour. Single. Hobby Reading, cooking, singing. Interest:...
Mssmith 39 y/o

United Kingdom, Bristol
From heaven with love!
Hello everyone, who wants to find their true love! I think it is time, when I should tell you something about myself, something like small...
needluv32 41 y/o

United States, Syracuse
Looking for real love.
I am compassionate, down to earth. intelligent, outgoing, and a great listener. I can take "constructive criticism well and tend to have a...
golyboglazka 41 y/o

United States, Washington
Look at me!)
I the modest, beautiful girl, I like to talk with people with sense of humor! I like to do sports and listen different music. So if you...
Trilloes 40 y/o

United States, Fresno
I'm looking for someone who is socially...
I am someone that takes care of themselves and I strive to improve myself each and every day! The pictures you see are recent.......and were not...
marina79 39 y/o

Poland, Augamy
I the beautiful, self-confident girl, clever, cautious, gentle!!! Various colours like to prepare and care of colours, in my house it is a lot of...
Hazeleyes 41 y/o

United States, Saint Johns
Be fair to yourself & love like you have never...
I am a social person who enjoys making people laugh. I believe that life is very empty without humor. I enjoy art and music, working on cars,...
katelove 39 y/o

United Kingdom, Abbey Dore
am looking for serious relationship
People matter. People are my passion. I strongly believe that people have the power to dramatically improve their own lives as well as the lives of...
NataliLove 39 y/o

United States, Burlingame
Love is in the air!
"I don't like most guys, but... I am not interested in most guys and besides perhaps that what makes those few unique individuals that I do connect...
Olivia35 39 y/o

United States, Williamsburg
looking for serious relationship
I am a simple girl, but a very cheerful and open-hearted girl who is looking for a friend. I dare say that friendship and love are the most...

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