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Photo Ads of Single Women seeking Men from 42 to 44 years old


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Southeast Asia

luvlylady 42 y/o

Germany, Berlin
willing to share life with my mate
I'm romantic, passionate, emotionally, caring, honest, trust worthy, hardworking, adventurous, have a Human sense of Honor, and Basically, i am a...
yani 42 y/o

Indonesia, Denpasar
to be a commitment person is mean everything...
im only ordinarry single mum with one lil boy,and i can\'t accept any cheeter in my life....for me to be a commitment person is everything...and...
51875 42 y/o

Thailand, Ongkharak
Princess looking for Prince
If you belived in destiny... I hope you can find me and start to reading now... I not England people... I am Asian gril and live from you so...

United States, Sarasota
I am a good and a kind hearted person with a faithful heart and looking to meet a good man with a good heart who i can love and be loved truly a...
melgold 43 y/o

United States, Tulsa
gi me some love
Well I have a smile on most of the time. I always try to be helpful and would stand by my friends. I am the type of person who would do a favor and...
waiting4love 42 y/o

United States, New York
good looking
I am attentive and responsive person, with calm and stable character. I like cleanliness and order at home, I enjoy creating cozy atmosphere. I am...
seekamte2233 42 y/o

United States, Bethlehem
Looking for a new mate
I have a lot to offer the right man, once he comes along. I`m open minded, honest, sincere, caring, understanding, and patient. And that`s what I`m...

United States, Missoula
Life is what you make it.
A caring loyal lady also genuine and honest. I have a love of the outdoors and getting back to nature be it the bush or the sea. I like a walk...
Irinka03 43 y/o

Russia, Saint Petersburg
I'm looking for that TRUE LOVE!!!
I am looking for that true love!!!! Are you the one for me? I am an open-minded and spiritual person. I love intelligent conversation, laughing,...

United States, Buffalo
r u out there?
I like to bake, cook, garden, football, hockey, and that is all i can think of as of now. I hat liars, cheaters, head games, players, plastic...

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