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Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 48 to 50 years old


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Wexxler 50 y/o

Russia, Moscow
Don`t worry, be happy
The attractive young healthy woman with own "pluss" and "minuses". I love a life and my children. I like cheerful independent people with sense of...
ttvanessa38 48 y/o

United States, Bethlehem
How is it going!!!
I am a sorted, fun loving individual who is very independent and career minded, with a very relaxed and sociable personality. I am mature,confident...
tinytena29 50 y/o

United States, Battle Creek
Looking for excitment and fun
I am a very easy going kind of person who is very laid back. I have a great personality and a sense of humor. I enjoy spending quality time with...
bubbles 49 y/o

United States, Montezuma
hello just trying
hello i am a 40 year old woman looking for a great realationship that will have honesty. I have 3 choldren and 3 grandchildren. I have 1 more...
sweetfemmy 48 y/o

Cuba, Havana
Caribbean sun
I am open minded and sincere. I am dreamy and sensual, I always have a good mood and smile never disappears from my face. I am optimistic about...
AllaNSK 50 y/o

Russia, Novosibirsk
Looking for you
I am a self-made woman, who is happy with my life, but I feel that it is empty without a partner to care about and share my life with. I know that...
pauleen 49 y/o

Trinidad and Tobago, Saint...
To meet my soulmate who is...
I am multi ethnic mixed with Spanish Korean, Portugese and French Creole,spiritual, independant, self motivated, some say pretty some say...
aqx340358822 49 y/o

China, Changsha
Very happy can meet you my friend here, I am a beautiful girl who comes from China.Here, I happily live everyday, happy work, do the matter that...
alin 48 y/o

China, Shanghai
i love life and make some different country friend
I am a kindly, believable and easygoing lady. I am very healthy and get the hardworking characteristic as the traditional Chinese woman. I am good...
lana482 49 y/o

Uzbekistan, Tashkent
I am doctor,looking for husband.I am looking for man who can visit me in My country-Uzbekistan. I am Russian,can speak English good. Would like...

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