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Dating Girls from 51 to 53 years old


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Southeast Asia

43124 51 y/o

Finland, Imatra
I'm a finnish lady who h...
I'm a finnish lady who hasn't found the soul mate yet. I'm sure he is somewhere...just wondering why finding takes so long time! Anyway, i love...
sxymomma 53 y/o

United States, Magnolia
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
Just ask. I'll tell you ANYTHING you want to know. I'm pretty open minded and can find something to like about most anyone, regardless of their...
tartila 53 y/o

Russia, Ufa
I hate grey cheerless life...
I have many-sided interests, but I like only genuine-music, cinema, literature. Some preference to classic. I like dancing, fond of the sea, I like...
huangjianqun 52 y/o

China, Nanning
All world have love
Would you like to know me? Please into my heart. Maybe we have same interest. In the boundless unverse. I am looking for our destiny, you or...
formylight 51 y/o

China, Zhongwei
new hope new life
I love life and always appreciate the things given by god. kind and cheerful and have lots of interests. One of my favorites is reading which...
arianmermaid 53 y/o

Ecuador, Guayaquil
Very attractive, fun gal looking for real love!!!
Hello there!!! I am a very easy going, fun to be with, very affectionate, compassionate, and passionate 41 year old female looking for that special...
bamababe39 51 y/o

United States, Madison
Bama Girl searching
I am a single mother of 3 who is looking for a soul mate. I am 5ft 11 blonde hair and blue eyes. I work full time and would love to find that...
43096 52 y/o

Ukraine, Odessa
Loving and passionate, gi...
Loving and passionate, giving and tender, reliable and faithful, trusting and sensitive, sometimes happy and sometimes sad but always honest and...
LBF2007 52 y/o

United States, Rutland
Fun and Honest
My friends consider me as a good looking human being, but to me, looks only go so far. Its' what's in the heart that really matters to me. Don't...
15370 52 y/o

United States, Brownstown
I have 2 that are on thei...
I'm a lady who is always on the go. I love my roses, researching my family tree, scrapbooking, bringing old things to life with my creativity. I...

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