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Photo Ads of Single Women seeking Men from 63 to 65 years old


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rosewthorns 63 y/o

United States, Troy
I am easy going and enjoy traveling whether short distances or long. Challenges give me energy to succeed. If there is a way.. I as Linda five...
Del 64 y/o

United States, Manton
Sometimes people just don't get it right
I'd like to think I'm a lovely lady looking for a good man. Let's talk about the rest. I own 10 acres of land that sits high on a hill. I'm...
honestme 65 y/o

United States, Glasgow
I love to travel sometimes on a whim, laugh alot especially at myself, reading, watchng movies, good wine, anykind of cheese to go with the wine of...
misty1951 64 y/o

United States, Fairbanks
Looking for Mr. Right
Cute and attractive are words friends use to describe me. I am basically a happy person who loves outdoor activities such as camping, taking...
lillys55 65 y/o

United States, Venice
The real thing
I am a good friend, lots of fun, very laid back. However, won't back down when I believe in something. Family and friends are very important to me....

United States, McKinney
Add water and I'll be happy!
I am a happy, well-adjusted woman who enjoys life to its fullest. Have a great family, a great career, and a great life but am lacking one thing...
youto1953 63 y/o

United States, Muskegon
Can you be what I am looking for?
I am a affection, attractive woman, who is smart work hard at what-ever I do. I love to read when I have the time. I love going out for long walk,...
scoobykmb03 65 y/o

United States, Roanoke
Be Happy
A warm, loving and very caring lady. Outgoing, hardworking and someone that is comfortable at home. Loves conversation or just as happy holding...
myaticangel 64 y/o

United Kingdom, Derby
Is romance dead and buried????
Warm, loving, tactile, looking for that special romantic man, who will make me giggle again. Want to be wooed, in the old fashioned way. Take me to...
Galinka 65 y/o

Russia, Yuzhnaya Okha
Better late than never
Beautiful, charming, with large eyes, plamp lips, dark hair, green eyes, soft voice, intelligent, educated, romantic, honest, sincere, tender,...

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