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Dating Women seeking Men - Personal Ads with Photos from 63 to 65 years old


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30328 64 y/o

United Kingdom, Peterborough
Tall, slim, attractive, y...
Tall, slim, attractive, young 51. Kind, caring, fun loving, adventurous, hard working, home loving. Love music, travel, live events. Seeking an...
32610 65 y/o

United States, New York
Dynamic,attractive, wealt...
Dynamic,attractive, wealthy.Just took up acting and have been in 2 movies.I am a retired lawyer having fun and exploring new ventures and...
34068 63 y/o

United States, Boulder
A Lifer! I want a man wh...
A Lifer! I want a man who will treat me with rescept, kindness, love, romanctic,etc. I want to be able to treat a man like he needs to be. My kids...
34794 63 y/o

United States, Renton
I belive in taking chance...
I belive in taking chances and risks within reason. I am recently divorced and its time to move on in my life. I want to share my life with a...
34950 63 y/o

United States, Oklahoma City
I am an artist in search ...
I am an artist in search of a canvas. I am like that uncut gem, multi-faceted, unique, rare, but still obtainable. Life is like one big artist's...

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