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Dating Girls from 66 to 68 years old


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Amore1960 67 y/o

United States, Fort Lauderdale
Life w/o Love is not Life!
Vibrant, funny, positive, nurturing, affectionate. People notice my smile and great figure. Hobbies are gourmet cooking, working out, the...
vivi 66 y/o

United States, Honolulu
To live a good life & to Love
I am blessed with a youthful look. High energy, adventurous, i like to explore as much as i like my privacy. Also a visionary, entrepreneur, love...

United States, Albuquerque
Looking for my special love mate, and lifetime...
I am 61 years old, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There is one thing I want to say before we go any futher and that is I live in a nursing...
Heather6497 68 y/o

United States, Oklahoma City
Waste not, want not
Somewhere out there is a great guy who will not only want to introduce me to new things, but will also like to try some adventures that are new to...

United States, Freeport
Take me as I am or watch me as I go.
I do not define myself by how many roadblocks have appeared in my path. I define myself by the courage I've found to forge new roads. I do not...
moonrivering 68 y/o

Canada, Vancouver
A happy life is to maintain to rely on common...
I'm in China, is a pediatrician, came to Canada only done volunteer.My outgoing personality, and his enthusiastic.The standard of English is very...
Cg85222az 67 y/o

United States, Casa Grande
Friends First
Recently Widowed. Likes include site seeing, car rides, cards, games, bowling, casinos, movies, eating out, anything to get out of the house. I am...
jthis1933 68 y/o

United States, Los Angeles
Charity Foundation
I am Jose Calmer former Managing Director and occupational worker in Libya before the uprising last year. I am currently diagnosed with Leukemia...
Romantica1 66 y/o

United States, Venice
believes in real love
very romantic woman widow who believes in real love loves to travel, the outdoors, attletic, fun loving, wants a monogamous relationship. Loves...
pkillian 66 y/o

United States, Hutto
loves life
Sweet. Kind caring lovable.loves life.bird watching

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