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Women Personal Ads from 72 to 74 years old


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buttercup 74 y/o

United States, Thomasville
3 strikes you're out
I am 63yrs old grey hair 5"2 150lbs.Divorced 6 yrs.1 son 23 lives at home.I like camping, walking in woods on a brisk fall day and hearing the...
ladymay 72 y/o

Canada, Penticton
Live, Love and be Happy
I am an energetic, caring, compassionate individual. I value myself, family, friends and good health. I work full time and would probably slow down...
ShirleyBear 72 y/o

United States, Yucaipa
Give all the love you can today for tomorrow...
I am a heavy set, 5ft 2inches tall gal with Blonde hair and brown eyes. I love animals and have 2 poodle dogs, 4 birds and a fish tank. I like...
sugargirl 72 y/o

United States, Douglasville
live life to the fullest
Actually this ain't easy , don't want sound conceited so to describe myself i'll say this people tell me i'm above average in personasality and...

United States, Butte
Looking for needle in haystack
I am a widow new to the area. I am seeking new friends that would like to show me what there is to love about Montana. I love to travel and...
moira 72 y/o

United States, Los Angeles
Be the April in my life
When I have reached the stage of my golden age And have accomplished so much, but so little Holding the bucket of all the lights and bonds Standing...
dancinfool 73 y/o

United States, Fort Worth
live for the day
easy going, love people, entertainer, parties, get togethers, cooking indoor and outdoors, road trips, travel... love to dance, outdoorsy, swims,...
gooddog1 73 y/o

United States, Kenai
make time for fun
It would be nice to find someone to spend time and travel with. A relationship where we can both be comfortable and trust one another is ideal. I...
sshores 72 y/o

United States, Washington
everythng happens for a reason
Tall, blonde, beautiful, sexy, love to read, be outside, be with my friends, family is very important.
helloToYou 72 y/o

United States, Locust Grove
Time To travel
I am a person who enjoys life. Attractive, emotionally balanced, physically fit and a good friend. Travel, one on one conversations, entertaining,...

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