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Single Females Ads from 72 to 74 years old


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17077 74 y/o

United States, Salina
I am easy to get along wi...
I am easy to get along with- I enjoy family love animals good cook, I enjoy dancing, waltz twostep polka and rock and roll, I like to play 10 point...
46181 72 y/o

United States, Plaquemine
I am simple person. I hav...
I am simple person. I have brown eyes, black hair with gray streaks. I like horror, mysteries, and autos. I like to read and listen to music. I...
47425 73 y/o

United States, Charlotte
I am interested in meetin...
I am interested in meeting a man who places God first in his life and priorities. Important qualities are kindness, compassion, true faith, and...
49471 73 y/o

Russia, Moscow
I'll tell you about me l...
I'll tell you about me later, I'm a teacher at university, a widow, I love everything new, trying to perfect my professional skills. I like...

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