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Asian Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 42 to 44 years old



53189 42 y/o

Russia, Moscow
Well... itís hard to des...
Well... itís hard to describe a character of yourself: you may think that your character is one way, but the people around say it is another. The...
31697 44 y/o

Japan, Tokyo
Konnichiwa, I'm from Tok...
Konnichiwa, I'm from Japan. I like learning different culture. So anyone who also likes it, please drop a message for me. I'm looking forward to...
marinabanz 44 y/o

Russia, Tjumen
Looking for a soulmate
It is not easy to provide a selfportayal in a few words. They say I am kind, easy-going, sincere and romantic. I love traveling, going out to a...
Irinka03 43 y/o

Russia, Saint Petersburg
I'm looking for that TRUE LOVE!!!
I am looking for that true love!!!! Are you the one for me? I am an open-minded and spiritual person. I love intelligent conversation, laughing,...
olga1679 42 y/o

Russia, Ioshkar Ola
a perfect wife for my future husband
I'm a very serious person, who can have fun with the right person, I'm very reserved, but can be open and very romantic with the right person, I'm...
min1975 43 y/o

China, Suzhou
looking for my right one
Hello ,I am wu min .I have strong determination ,maybe because I uesed to be a soldier.But I know men always like the women who are...
angel3173 44 y/o

China, Zhenjiang
Life is short and time is precious.
I am a Chinese girl, I come from Jiangsu Province, a beautiful place in eastern China. I°Įm outgoing, kind-hearted, humorous and full of passion...
Anabell 44 y/o

Russia, Moscow
I'm looking for a good man
What about me. I would like to have a family, children, good work and a lot of travel. What else. I like movie and when I got free time go to a...
Natasha34 43 y/o

Russia, Moscow
Look for a soulmate
Hello, I am a native Muscovite. In spite of the fact that Moscow is one of the biggest world cities, it is more and more difficult to find a...
bellaya666 43 y/o

Russia, Leningradskaya Sloboda
I the beautiful attractive woman without harmful habits, like to go in for sports, like to listen to music to go to theatres, like to walk on a...

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