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European Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 27 to 29 years old


United KingdomUkraine

MissYeto 28 y/o

Germany, Nurnberg
Feel what others aren't able to feel, if u fall...
I am a inteligent Woman without the big education - coz i'm a traditionall Lady. (=i don't was on a university, but i am ready with school and got...
Maya 27 y/o

Ukraine, Krasnyy Liman
Unexpecting circumstances is the main regulator...
I am kind,sensitive and modest girl without a sexual experience. I am a student of the chemical college. I like the nature and want to be an...
Nataly88 29 y/o

Ukraine, Lugansk
young and pretty lady waiting you
I am easygoing girl, who can understand the nearest person and help him or her in any minute. I think that I can forgive. I am sure this is one of...
Jennyh 29 y/o

United Kingdom, Leicester
always look on the bright side of life
im originally from America but moved to England when I was eight. Currently studying for a Philosophy and English Literature degree at Sheffield...
Petalouda 29 y/o

Latvia, Riga
There's more to me than meets the eye...
One of a kind :) I'm an optimist, a dreamer and a freethinker with my own opinion about everything. I'm persistent, determined, emotional,...

United Kingdom, Wells
Live life to the full
I am a health care asst, working in the community and at the local hospital, i am a happy go lucky person who is always up for a laugh. I enjoy...

Latvia, Riga
Nice and young girl, who want to meet new friends of other country :) Maybe you will think, that I'm boring, but I'm only shy sometimes :) However...
DaRkAnGeL 29 y/o

United Kingdom, London
Im A Dyke & always will b!
Im Funny, outgoing, intelligent, quite shy but i warm up quickly 2 ppl, Im an animal lover...Horses & dogs...(Nt tht kind of lover u guys r...
smile308 29 y/o

Austria, Gutenstein
Smile, be happy and enjoy your life!!!
Okay... I love my life, because i see all from the good side and never from the bad side!!! I love to laugh, to be happy, to meet my friends, to...
nancymabu22 29 y/o

Germany, Berlin
am in love
I will say I am kind, easy-going, amiable, tender, smart, with a good sense of humor. My friends say that I am a serious, calm lady, open and...

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