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Croatia Personals, Croatia Dating European Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos



40622 58 y/o

Croatia, Zagreb
long live & prosper
I am funny, smart, attractive and stil searching for my soulmate! Like to dance, swim, read, and go balistic :) love summer , feeling best in...
pikapolona 39 y/o

Croatia, Zagreb
I am female, 27 y.o. higer degree in ecconomy, brown eyes, 175cm, 55kg, sportiv. I like nature, mountains, biking, travelling. Live in Zagreb, have...
LaLuna 48 y/o

Croatia, Rovinj
I'm a hedonist, amazed by greatness of small things and brief moments that enrich life. I love things and situations that communicate with my...

Croatia, Veceslavac
live and let other live
looking for some friendly and fun-loving guy, with whom I could spend a lot of peacefull and relaxing moments living in a quite vilage or somwhere...
crnaofca 33 y/o

Croatia, Velika Gorica
each of us is angel with only
Hi! I'm 20 years old, tall (but not very slim:)) blonde, i like reading, writing, dancing, watching cartoons.. i work like a journalist. in free...
57576 48 y/o

Croatia, Krk
I'm searching for a good...
I'm searching for a good man who can take care of me. I'm a sweet woman, I love swimming, reading every kind of book and movies. I have a cat which...
16828 65 y/o

Croatia, Zagreb
I'm very goodlooking fas...
I'm very goodlooking fashionable, tender, atractive and my loock in yanger for my ages. I love childrens, animalis, nature, to take a walk on...