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United Kingdom Personals, United Kingdom Dating European Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 27 to 29 years old


Helen23 29 y/o

United Kingdom, Nottingham
Goldilocks Looking For 'Just Right'
Trying to describe myself is such an unusual experience... Is it me or do you kind of feel like an item on eBay? I would have no problem trying to...
Jennyh 28 y/o

United Kingdom, Leicester
always look on the bright side of life
im originally from America but moved to England when I was eight. Currently studying for a Philosophy and English Literature degree at Sheffield...
xRacheLx 29 y/o

United Kingdom, Redhill
Victims, aren't we all?
Hey, I'm Rachel. I'm an out-going, laid-back, down-to-earth kind of girl. I'm creative and enjoy writing and drawing. I'm also into books and films...

United Kingdom, Wells
Live life to the full
I am a health care asst, working in the community and at the local hospital, i am a happy go lucky person who is always up for a laugh. I enjoy...
Allyson 28 y/o

United Kingdom, Londonderry
Hey hows u doin?? The names Allyson as u've guessed!! Go to the tech and am doin Level 2 Beauty NVQ... its barrels of craic.. esp the waxing... So...
SamZx 29 y/o

United Kingdom, Birmingham
Party On
I am a mad crazy girl who is up for a laugh... Enjoys movies.. Hoping to be an actress... I love music and my favourite artist is Britney Spears.....
catherine87 29 y/o

United Kingdom, Wigan
Live life like there's no tomorrow
I'm fun, friendly and have a few brain cells too! I like to go out with my friends to clubs, or a restaurant or the cinema. Any social activity...
DaRkAnGeL 28 y/o

United Kingdom, London
Im A Dyke & always will b!
Im Funny, outgoing, intelligent, quite shy but i warm up quickly 2 ppl, Im an animal lover...Horses & dogs...(Nt tht kind of lover u guys r...
Cathryn2k01 28 y/o

United Kingdom, Newcastle...
Its better to be a somebody for a day than a...
I am from Berwick-upon-Tweed nr Newcastle in the north east. I am doing an introduction to youth work cource level 1. I am curently looking for a...
lazycutie 29 y/o

United Kingdom, Sheffield
Smile, eat, drink, laugh, love
I'm a student living in Sheffield. I have a vivid personality when you get talking to me, although I may seem quiet at first. I like going out and...

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