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United Kingdom Personals, United Kingdom Dating European Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 69 to 71 years old


dixielander 69 y/o

United Kingdom, Farnborough
live for today-the first day o
Single just want to enjoy life to the full, have lots of grandchildren but like to keep them locked in the wardrobe during the daytime - they can...
antoinette 70 y/o

United Kingdom,
Keep smiling
I am 62 and was widowed 3 years ago after a long wonderful marriage,end need a companion to travel and socialise with must love frquentlly visiting...
29318 71 y/o

United Kingdom,
I am an independant woman...
I am an independant woman. I amlooking for a relationship which is equal , Loving , caring , where loyalty is appreciated. I am well travelled. I...