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Middle Eastern Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 60 to 62 years old



Deltazulu 61 y/o

Turkey, Istanbul
He must be somewhere out there...!!!
I am really OK...:)) You will find out for yourself! Try to catch me sometime and we can talk further....Look forward to hear from you dear!! This...
orentaub11 61 y/o

Israel, Givat Hayim
looking for my best friend
Hi My name is orni,a Jewish Israeli,54 years old,single. I have masters in pure mathematics and also studied Chinese medicine and naturophaty. I...
28932 61 y/o

Iran, Tehran
I am a woman who is livin...
I am a woman who is living in iran,tehran and i,m looking for a man for share my life with him,and my decision is to getting married,and the man...