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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 48 to 50 years old


PleaseMe 50 y/o

Canada, Oshawa
You know you want it..;)
Happily single. 5'5. 125lbs, black hair, green eyes, curves only where there should be. i work out and i like men that do too. I am picky in...
kcongi 48 y/o

Canada, Toronto
life's fun, depends on which point looking
I am a positive single woman, never married, with no kids. I faced a few challenges in life that grew my character. I am not religious but...
elenared 48 y/o

Canada, Toronto
if you write me you have a chance
I'd like to settle down with a nice man I could share my life and do things together. What things? difficult to answer in 2 words. Travelling,...

Canada, Red Deer
If you have a sense of humor,
I am a fun loving, quick witted girl, who knows how to have fun. I love dancing and karaoking...but I also like spending time with loved ones. I'm...
bryn32 48 y/o

Canada, Lac La Biche
looking for other half
attractive,caring, the outdoors,music,reading,animals and lots of other stuff lol.I have kids so you must like children or its not a...

Canada, Edgewood
I'm quite healthy and fresh blood full of life easy going cool headed fun to be with, enjoy every human i find around me..And I get more joy and...
akrami 49 y/o

Canada, Vancouver
family woman
sophistacated smart friendly sweet sexy stylish lovely. i love being on time organized and hard working. bussiness woman and mother of two smart...
leanne1218 50 y/o

Canada, Vancouver
Looking a real gentle from Europe
I am from Vancouver, visited Europe 2 years ago and deeply in love with that part of the world, art, people, landscape etc... wish to meet a real...

Canada, Ottawa
Seeking true love
My personality traits are Adventurous /Spontaneous, Clean Cut,Earthy, Open-Minded, Humorous/Witty, Intellectual,, Sensitive/Nurturing/Loving,...
aj6910 48 y/o

Canada, Calgary
Hello, looking for a man who enjoys travel, art and culture and is looking for a long term relationship based on honesty, intergrity and friendship...

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