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Oceanian Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 45 to 47 years old


AustraliaKiribatiNew Zealand

abarca 46 y/o

Australia, Abercrombie
Trust is the top of the list of a great...
I am just a simple Filipina seeking for total happiness in life which to meet soon my future partner in life.A good person whom i can share with...
likeatiger 45 y/o

Australia, Beaconsfield Upper
looking for the one who takes my breath away
l am a fun loving woman who is looking for that someone special. l have a great sense of humour with a great outlook on life. l'm a very...
11166 47 y/o

Australia, Perth
I'm a married lady who'...
I'm a married lady who's looking for online penpals.
mojojojo 45 y/o

Australia, Sydney
come find me
Fun adventurous, easy going, sporty gal... Like to meet new people so drop me an email sometime! if you share similar interests please feel free to...
chery 45 y/o

Australia, Allendale North
Caring and Loving
Anything you Need to No Ask me and I will Tell you...My Name is Chery and I am Single and i am Open Mind Lady...i don't have Kids and I am Hoping...
54894 45 y/o

New Zealand, Palmerston North
I am a cuddly female who ...
I am a cuddly female who enjoys going out with friends and having fun. i am shy at first but once i get to know someone i am a kind and caring and...
tessie 47 y/o

Kiribati, Bairiki
I am honest and never make people sad. i am a religion person. i always love fish as im a pacific islander and always love sea, anyone can say...
fifofofum 45 y/o

Australia, Sydney
Happiness and fun
I have honey blonde/light brown hair. I enjoy working with children and animals. I am currently teaching in a primary school and furthering my...
carra06 45 y/o

New Zealand, Auckland
I'm looking.....
I'm a filipina, honest and fun-loving and wants to live life to the fullest. I enjoy music, movies and travelling. At home, I like reading and...

Australia, Coffs Harbour
Love as thou wilt.
I believe in being a lady in public and enjoy being feminine. You get what you give in life.... I don't have time for nastiness or self-centred...

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