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Australia Personals, Australia Dating Oceanian Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 24 to 26 years old


skyej 25 y/o

Australia, Dandenong
dont hate the game hate the player
fun, loving, bit of a mans girl, funny, cocky, says it how it is. got tats n peircings. im trustworthy. i hate sluts. i love cocky people but not...
timtam93 24 y/o

Australia, Gold Coast
live life to the fullest (:
Hii, Im Tammy. Im actually 15 years old so yeahh. I have brown hair, blue eyes and looking for a nice guy who will care for me <3 I love to watch...
torabimahsa 26 y/o

Australia, Geelong
hi my name is mahsa torabi. i'am looking for a love. i like to going to the movies,going shopping,watching tv and listing to persian music. from...
torabi 26 y/o

Australia, Geelong
is love
hi my name is mahsa torabi. i'am 19 year is old. i'am looking for love. i'am in love and looking for sameone. i want sameone to look hot. from...