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Australia Personals, Australia Dating Oceanian Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 60 to 62 years old


Aphrael 60 y/o

Australia, Hobart
Live to love and love to live!
I am happy being alive, studying, restoring my yacht, loving my family and friends and generally just being me. It would be wonderful to have that...
gemini 61 y/o

Australia, Brisbane
love to have fun
Hi I'm not comfortable with this,but will give it a try .I love to have fun, i like dining out, going to movies , dancing going for walks ,like to...
ardatheta 60 y/o

Australia, Perth
Live in present tame
I`m very spiritual and ituitiv. I love lafe and awerthing that lafe offer to us. People laked my company becouse I`m very positive, happy....
lovetolive 61 y/o

Australia, Perth
laughter is the best medicine
Funloving, young at heart. Reliable, honest, loyal. Love to laugh and enjoy the good things in life. Enjoy doing new, exploring,...
19601 61 y/o

Australia, Melbourne
Good looking in a healthy...
Good looking in a healthy, youthful way, active, energetic, creative, popular and well respected, psychologically mature and well balanced,...