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South American Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 57 to 59 years old



carinhosa 57 y/o

Brazil, Sao Paulo
Don't know
Im Brazilian from Santa Catarina, living in So Paulo. I have a daugther who lives in London (UK). I think it's very difficult to talk about...
annita 58 y/o

Colombia, Colombia
theres always a book open for all eyes: a...
Im anna i must be honest and tell you that im a begginer at this, ive been alone for about 10 years but i dont want to be alone anymore, i believe...
19988 57 y/o

Brazil, Brasilia
Hi Here in Brazil we...
Hi Here in Brazil we ladies know how to treat men the way God created us to do. We are very sincere and honest. We dont get caught in who...
nelda 58 y/o

Guyana, Leeds
love to love and belove
i am a female ii am a nurse living and working in montserrat for the passed 6 plus years i am single i have to children they they both living with...