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South American Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 63 to 65 years old



wiralata 63 y/o

Brazil, Aborrecido
I Am a serious woman with sense of humor
I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human's soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like the literature, music, and cinema....
veruska 63 y/o

Brazil, Campinas
Looking for a love
I am a Brasilian, retired nurse, divorced. I am 63kg ( 139 lbs) and Height 163cm ( 5ft´4 ) and brown hair, and brown eyes. I like very much of...
45327 65 y/o

Argentina, Buenos Aires
I am a very active person...
I am a very active person full of energy. I am a renassaince type in the sense of having lots of interest. I love travelling , languages, music,...
20785 65 y/o

I'm the best friend some...
I'm the best friend someone could be and a very good woman. I have no sisters and brothers and no sons or daughters, that's why I'm looking for a...