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Southeast Asian Single Women seeking Men - Personal Ads and Photos from 33 to 35 years old


CambodiaHong KongIndonesiaMalaysia

imtheone4u 35 y/o

Philippines, Cagayan de Oro...
honesty is the best policy
imple happy love my life and i love going to the beach,i love to sing and cook i love singging i love to cook my family is a muslim and they are...
Thea 35 y/o

Indonesia, Denpasar
Love to See the World
I'm cheerful. I love animals, specially dogs, they are so cute. I like traveling and tray something new (specially food). For me music are the...
20135 35 y/o

Singapore, Singapore
A very lazy girl whose fa...
A very lazy girl whose favourite past time is to lie in bed and read. There is a heavy suspicion that i many be a pig reincarnated. Haha I also...
34661 33 y/o

Hong Kong, Ho Man Tin
Love me for me
I love to hang out a lot... I'm quite sporty.. I like to bake & cook.. People who don't know me may think that i'm quite nasty or something.. They...
beauty45 34 y/o

Philippines, Aloran
love moves in mysterious ways
i am a woman who is independent. i live by my own principles in life... i stand of what i believe in... i love to meet individuals who have the...
denielb 33 y/o

Philippines, Cebu
life is too short to spend on the wrong ones or...
I am just a simple. loving, compassionate, romantic and understanding, loyal and honest lady. I am looking for someone fit to marry. Someone who...
amm1984 33 y/o

Thailand, Bangkok Metropolis
I'm looking for new friend ,and have some chat for practice my english conversation and listening....
beth822005 35 y/o

Philippines, Tarlac
trust is very important
I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you. I'm the girl who is incredibly...
AshyDragon 34 y/o

Hong Kong,
Checking around and for fun
What can I tell about myself? Nothing much actually.. Humm... Very much a party gal who can play and drink in every single party regardless how...
chona 33 y/o

Philippines, Cebu City
love is sacrifice
i have a simple beauty,honest, caring and understnding.. responsible for doing any tasks in my life...have a sense of humor and can mingle...

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