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African Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 63 to 65 years old


EgyptSouth AfricaTanzania

magedboudi 63 y/o

Egypt, Nasr City
Iím tall, slightly heavyset, with more to love. I love everything there about women and I hope to meet a great one someday. I'm a good listener, so...
Ndukwa 63 y/o

Tanzania, Mtwara
Love forever
I am a polite man, loving Jesus and everybody. Hardworking and very helpful to all. I like a woman of my type. She must be a commited one and...
gnta 63 y/o

South Africa,
Friendship is the spice of lif
Friendship is the spice of life, and when a frienship becomes very special it makes life that much more worthwile. If ever I find my soulmate, I...
squirrel_101 64 y/o

South Africa, Durban
I am a divorced and single gentleman of some 51 years in good health and in working order with a good sense of humour. I reside in Pinetown in...
47219 63 y/o

Egypt, Alexandria
black eyes, black hair, d...
black eyes, black hair, dark browen color skin, sport man romantic like to have a woman in his life.. and believe in marriage and like children...
45676 65 y/o

South Africa, Durban
I am a very easy going, g...
I am a very easy going, gregarius sponetaneous guy, with a sharp sense of humour, love driving, cooking skecthing portaits, country walks,...
19139 65 y/o

49 year old lawyer was ma...
49 year old lawyer was married, has PHD from usa where lived for 12 years. love traveling want to meet nice lady to share interests. i am kind and...