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Arctic Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 48 to 50 years old



51450 49 y/o

Iceland, Reykjavik
Blond & blue eyed dreamer...
Blond & blue eyed dreamer. Normally wear blue jeans or black leather. I don't think I will ever really "grow up". I have always been mistaken for...
prinse 50 y/o

Iceland, Stodhvarfjordhur
Have a nice time
Mine name is Throstur and I am 173cm tall born 17 agust 1967. I am started training with a trainer. Mine interest is golf, travel, movies and...
thor21 50 y/o

Iceland, Reykjavik
Your life is now!
I'm kindhearted, trustworthy, reliable, young man with red hair and broad shoulders who has just passed 40, very musical, has higher degree (B.A),...
Markus67 50 y/o

Iceland, Reykjavik
Good home needed for house trained male :-)
Thank you for stopping by to read my Profile. My name is Mark. Im originally from Washington DC and now live in iceland and love it here. I...
hagn 48 y/o

Iceland, Reykjavik
Man looking for a good woman
I am rather eacy going persone looking for a woman. I am single and have no children but I would love to have them in the future. I dont use...