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Asian Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 48 to 50 years old


BhutanSri LankaChinaIndia
JapanKyrgyzstanSouth KoreaKazakhstan

qingbaoo 50 y/o

China, Xiabakou
I want woman who wants me
I am a middle-aged man at the age of 41yrs...I have now settled down to search for my partner so decided to tried this site.Com to see if I could...
swan6 50 y/o

Russia, Novyy Urengoy
to live in the world
My name is Alexey, I live in Western Siberia. I like reading, watching movies, listening to quiet music. I'd like to communicate!
Arevik 48 y/o

Russia, Moscow
All better
Stong, but romantic man :-) It's very hard to describe myself in some word. My Lord - please! help me to do this without anything wrong. You - my...
50507 49 y/o

Bhutan, Thimphu
My name is sangay i live ...
My name is sangay i live in Bhutanshdikls slsdl dfuellld d;;d;fg edeiuieoo as;lfkl;kff ;osa';fkl;'kf';skfkcjiurf'epep[flfespredf[[sda[]sdf][f[f[[f
Alex0705 48 y/o

Uzbekistan, Samarkand
In a life to be the optimist.
I real ,sports, purposefu, decent,without bad habits. I would like to meet the girl, the woman for long attitudes, marriage is possible also. I do...
khanblr 48 y/o

India, Bangalore
Need love
Later please..welll i was told i am soft, sexy, handsome, quite, understanding, loveing caring and sharing...what not let discusee then see where...
ajaya 49 y/o

Nepal, Katmandu
To become a great social worker or leader
Young and smart, smily faces, open and kind hearted, love traveling and talking with friend, well educated, understand the problem and situation. I...
dandypilot 48 y/o

Pakistan, Islamabad
sincerity is supreme
I am a tall well built and mature person.I am a bit reserve initially but open up with time. I am simple honest and sincere in my relationships.I...
ashreena 49 y/o

India, Bangalore
Party going animal
I am a freak out guy , like to make friends, and workalcoholic too Like to mix up with new gals, espeically Americans because I love their country...
rai68 49 y/o

Pakistan, Lahore
Love Life
I Love Life and believe we are the lucky one's to have a chance to enjoy life and i will enjoy it in it's all forms. Sports is another thing which...

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