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Asian Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 57 to 59 years old


AfghanistanAzerbaijanBangladeshSri Lanka
ChinaIndiaJapanSouth Korea

nitro624 57 y/o

China, Dongguan
You sleep when you die
I am an American in Dongguan . I have been here almost 2 years . I am seeking a true love.I am an English teacher in nancheng and changping. I...
Alcond 57 y/o

China, Kunming
Life is fun... and I love my life!
It would be so much more fun if we could talk together over a good meal. (You are invited) But here are a few quick facts... I have enjoyed an...
anthamal 59 y/o

Sri Lanka, Colombo
meet the woman of transparent with accountability
I am an Asian Gent, passed 50 years, separated, no children(but i love kids very much), doing business on a small scale. My hobbies are travelling,...
matureman 58 y/o

Pakistan, Arazi Masnali
Looking for a sincere friend and.......
Kind loving and passionate person. Who has never found a sincere friend trying to look one in this part of the world, may detiny be on south asia,...
sinadrew 58 y/o

China, Suzhou
Seeking simplicity
Easy going seeking simple things in life, enjoy movies, walking in the park, sipping coffee in shopping mall. I also enjoy travel and exchanging...
ohban 58 y/o

India, Delhi
Away From crowd
Hi,I am a divorced,167cm/59kg fit and virile, non-vegetarian, non-religious, easy-going, passionate man, living alone in Delhi.A government officer...
35422 57 y/o

Pakistan, Karachi
I am Abdul Aziz khan 43 y...
I am Abdul Aziz khan 43 years old, Muslim, Live in Karachi city Pakistan. I am a Busniess man ( Owner of fast food Shops ). I am a simple man.I...
13063 57 y/o

India, Delhi
I love new ideas thoughts...
I love new ideas thoughts, anything which is different from the dull and mundane daily routine. I like behaving crazily sometimes and believe that...
davidambatt 57 y/o

India, Cochin
Am David 49 years old From Kerala state, India Business man Always wished to get a good friend Never happened Hope I may have the luck to...
Masashow 57 y/o

Japan, Edagawacho
Where there is a will. there is a way.
I am not sure if this is the right place for me to seek a nice woman. At any rate, I will try. I am so gentle, patient, and broad-minded....

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