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Asian Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 66 to 68 years old


ArmeniaSri LankaChinaIndia
JapanSouth KoreaKazakhstanPakistan

ernesto48 67 y/o

Kazakhstan, Almaty
live today
I am a businessman travelling nearly every mont for 2 weeks to Almaty and I am looking for a girl friend who is ready to spend her time with me. I...
Li 68 y/o

China, Nanjing
Let¡ås love art because art is a blueprint to...
I'm a sincere unique folk artist and a retired fine art teacher, My hobbies are worldwide classic folk art, travel, family and kids etc. I wish...
15816 66 y/o

India, New Delhi
I am tall, dark (wheat co...
I am tall, dark (wheat color complexion), a self-employed International Sales & Marketing Professional and would like to have a mate to start own...
Futurefriend 68 y/o

Japan, Ginowan
Hi, Futurefriend
I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall, hazel eyes, white hair, average weight, exercise daily, eat healthy meals, teach college, loves traveling, learning...
Kannah 68 y/o

Sri Lanka, Colombo
Make hay while you can - hit it, when you can't !
I am just over sixty, but, still, ALL things are possible ! There is NO shortfall - anywhere ! This is something that needs to be checked, for...
lalkb 67 y/o

India, Amritsar
To serve humanity by treating diseases.
By the grace of God i am handsome and have a look of of forty.I am post-graduate in medicine( vety.). I was Govt. Doctor. Now i have my own...
humbleperson 66 y/o

India, Trivandrum
As a simple person ------
I am a medical doctor working in Libya My main interests are my own medical field, traval, reading, knowing people from different parts of the...
kkdewani 66 y/o

India, New Delhi
To enjoy life to the full extent by give and...
I am young by heart looking for a life companion to enjoy life to the full extent. Anybody interested can contact me without any obligation.Any...
20121947 67 y/o

China, Guangzhou
Always happy
Working hard and looking for the person who respect that and give me true love. Newer like to be used in anyway but like to be lowed and give love...
markady 68 y/o

Just found this site... looks interesting... I live in St-Petersburg... have two dogs and three turtles, live alone... never married, no children,...

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