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Solitude 30 y/o

Georgia, Tbilisi
Ordinary Life...
I'm a young boy, who loves original behaviors. I also love discussing strange subjects and tell funny stories. I have many friends an dlove them...
siningsun 43 y/o

Georgia, Tbilisi
life is nice if we found right way...
I am looking for a poerson who is a good feel life better together. anything you do for true love as the only reason, purpose or goal...
catchshiv 38 y/o

Georgia, Tbilisi
live and let live
simple and loving, looking for live in partner in Tbilisi becaus i live alone, i feel very lony, i have no body to share, i hardly know any body in...
45269 34 y/o

Georgia, Tbilisi are you?i am f...
Hi! How are you? I am fine. Nice to meet you. I do not believe such means of communication, but i can try... I hope it...
slurgeon 35 y/o

Smile all the time.
I'm a tall, athletically built, dark haired borderline dork. I have a hard time describing myself but others have called me very handsome and...
Fain39 53 y/o

I need someone in my son's and
I'm 41. It's just my son and I.I'm divorced. I'm funny. I'm romanic. I love the martial arts. I'm old fashion. I always get compliments on my looks...
3613 38 y/o

Hi my name is Mike. I am...
Hi my name is Mike. I am a very adventurous guy who seeking the same from a female. I'm 5'11'' blond hair and brown eyes. I am very active in...
3091 53 y/o

i like to have fun, i am ...
i like to have fun, i am looking for a women that loves to play!! and knows what she wants, so lets see what happens, i am ready. i am in good...