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European Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 39 to 41 years old


AlbaniaAustriaBelgiumBosnia and Herzegovina
EstoniaCzech RepublicFinlandFrance
SwitzerlandUnited KingdomUkraineSerbia and Montenegro

coolsurfer 40 y/o

United Kingdom, Leven
Life starts anew every day
I am 183 cm, blue-eyed, brown-haired, speak four languages. I like playing computer chess, electronic gadgets, digging my garden and walks along...
pgc1979 39 y/o

Romania, Ploiesti
I am a man with good sense, with a warm soul,...
I am a married man. I'm looking for a lady for conversation, casual dating, fun and sex. not for money, I want to feel good together. if you want...
cristicc 40 y/o

Romania, Bucuresti
just me
I'm looking for a women who have a good soul, great heart, who loved me and I love him. I want to know a human being which made her happy and which...
DiavoloXP 41 y/o

Bulgaria, Debelec
I am a man who walk alone....
My name is Vladimir. About me. Im 1,75 and 85 kg. Im 30 years old. My birthday is 18 may 1977. My nation is Bulgarian. My religion: the...
lengyi 41 y/o

Czech Republic, Holesovice
live and let people live
Hi, my name is Peter, Im from Prague (Czech Republic), my hobbies are reading (mainly Stephen Kings novels), films(mainly horrors - for instance...
jamesbee 39 y/o

Denmark, Gjettrup
Life they say is a stage with each person acting out his or her role and leaving the stage afterward...Like is not about knowing people alone but...
23881 39 y/o

Sweden, Stockholm
I'm just a happy guy liv...
I'm just a happy guy living my life to the fullest. I'm outgoing and love to meet new people. I'm just staying sweet and doing my thing. HOLLA!!!
54616 41 y/o

United Kingdom, London
if some body need fun so ...
If some body need fun so can chat with me. i would like to letisn song and make friend ship and i watch seabich , read the novel book. travel and i...
elunpum 39 y/o

United Kingdom, York
Friendly, Honest with a sense of humour I born in Peru and Lived in UK since 2003. 1.72m. I would like to make friends from differents parts from...
ash2600 40 y/o

United Kingdom, London
all above russsia
Hi , i am with firm intention in meeting my second part but with the only intention of marrying her. I am a serious guy with good intention. I...

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