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European Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 69 to 71 years old


United KingdomSerbia and Montenegro

svidgren 70 y/o

Sweden, Karlstad
I am a very young swedish boy... only 58 years olf age... hihi maybe not so young but my heart, body and soul are still very young. I have alot of...
55600 69 y/o

Serbia and Montenegro, Beograd
Widower who is trying to ...
Widower who is trying to start a new life. I believe in love and will never do anything to harm a loved one.......................
Mompti 69 y/o

Germany, Flensburg
adventure, travel. swimming and sex
Handsome, older german guy - unhappy married - warmhearted, open -mindet, versatile, adaptable, tolerant, discret, uncomplicate, don`t smoke, drink...
Mompti59 69 y/o

Germany, Flensburg
search young wife for live
´Handsome, older guy from Germany - living separate - warmhearted, open-mindet, versatile, adaptable, devot, tender, tolerant, serious and...
sircharles 70 y/o

United Kingdom, Corsham
Never give up until you find who you want.
I am 60yrs old, 5'5",blond hair, blue eyes, 200lbs. I am ex military now semi retired but also a Model Agent for a well known media fashion house....
39882 70 y/o

United Kingdom, Brighton
I am sensitive and sincer...
I am sensitive and sincere. I want an honest, long-term relationship. I am healthy and active, looking younger than my age. I am coming to...
45141 71 y/o

United Kingdom, Derby
Romantic intelligent, wil...
Romantic intelligent, will not suffer cold types, will not be used, have bought an apartment in turkey on the aegean sea. Warm, loving, have been...

France, Cahors
I am English but live in Franc
I am now single, and living with my sister and her husband in a lovely part of France. I work locally doing property maintenance. I am looking for...
Robert 69 y/o

Netherlands, Eindhoven
Live is beautyfull
Dutch male, looking for beautyfull warm, elegant Russian woman ,working as bankmanager, hobby's Sailing, diving, volleyball, painting and drawning,...
drachlc 70 y/o

United Kingdom,
Decent, honest, caring, fun..
Hallo, I'm John, English, 6 foot tall/1.83m, weigh 72 Kg/162 lbs, athletic build, masculine, 58 happy years old, easy-going, excellent sense of...

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