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European Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 72 to 74 years old


NorwaySwedenUnited Kingdom

regenda 74 y/o

United Kingdom, Birmingham
whatever the ill, you still have the will
Hi My name is Gavin, i am an ex soldier of 29 years, and i am 66 years old i had a stroke in 2003 but i get about o/k with a stick and i...

United Kingdom, London
We only live once
New to this sort of
Bigmikec 72 y/o

United Kingdom, Teesside...
Never lose your temper, You only have to find...
Fit, active and happy. Love to see the funny or positive side of any thing. I'm early retired, but not wealthy. I love to travel all over Britain...
44435 73 y/o

Denmark, Copenhagen
Hi! You are lucky that yo...
Hi! You are lucky that you stopped at my profile. I am a very exciting man. I am extremely kind, caring, warm and familyoriented. You may write...
Culbeck 72 y/o

United Kingdom, Cambridge
Love me and I will love you, honestly and...
I am just going through a divorce after 38 years of unhappy marriage, Yayyyyy free and single again. I have a great deal of love and affection to...
50164 72 y/o

Netherlands, Oosterwolde
I am a cosmopolite who wo...
I am a cosmopolite who worked twenty years in many countries all over the world.( four continents). Business in oil, gas and sweet water. I am...
keithnut 73 y/o

United Kingdom, Macclesfield
I'm not looking for someone to Live with. I'm...
Semi Retired Good Humoured Professional with no Baggage or Hangups. Been Divorced almost 20yrs. Live Foreign Travel, Theatre, Restaraunts,Good...
Tchaikov 73 y/o

United Kingdom, Huddersfield
I Am Very Fit And Active No Problums, Mentally Or Physically. I need a WifeHopefully who Already Has Young Children Including Babys.I Live In...
akorn 72 y/o

Are you out there
Slim, active, reasonably good looking, divorced, grown up children live in UK, considerate, intelligent, financially comfortable but lonely....
28055 72 y/o

Germany, Mannheim
military i...
military in golf,love all sports,traveling to other countries,good restaurants,enjoying the out doors,walking on the beach...

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