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United Kingdom Personals, United Kingdom Dating European Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 36 to 38 years old


coolsurfer 38 y/o

United Kingdom, Leven
Life starts anew every day
I am 183 cm, blue-eyed, brown-haired, speak four languages. I like playing computer chess, electronic gadgets, digging my garden and walks along...
4837 37 y/o

United Kingdom, Douglas
I'm tall well built and ...
I'm tall well built and enjoy having fun aswell as good nights, I am Financially secure and looking for someone from Russia or the Ukraine in and...
elunpum 37 y/o

United Kingdom, York
Friendly, Honest with a sense of humour I born in Peru and Lived in UK since 2003. 1.72m. I would like to make friends from differents parts from...
ash2600 38 y/o

United Kingdom, London
all above russsia
Hi , i am with firm intention in meeting my second part but with the only intention of marrying her. I am a serious guy with good intention. I...
ScotLad 38 y/o

United Kingdom, Glasgow
Looking for Open minded Gal
Ok,not sure how to do this but i'll give it a go, Me, Happy, Humorous, Independant, Secure, Open minded,Trustworthy, Loving You, See above...
officexp 36 y/o

United Kingdom, London
there's only one life so enjoy
i am ture, honest reliable person, contact to find more about me, everyone is their own person, and everyone should be respected and treated...
morgan80 36 y/o

United Kingdom, Bangor
1 life live it!!!!
Email anythin u wanna ask,totally upfront so dont be shy!I'm 5'10 with light brown hair, green eyes with a stocky build. This is all new 2 me so...
11630 37 y/o

United Kingdom, London
The future is now!
About myself; My name is Ian, single, 27, 6ft 2in tall, slim and have a moderately muscular and athletic build, fit, good looking, adventurous,...
babylon1978 38 y/o

United Kingdom, Croydon
Hi everyone
Hey there iam Jacob .. I'm your average easygoing, laid-back, who likes socialising, easy to talk to and a good listener, listening to music, i...
Tricky96 38 y/o

United Kingdom, Leicester
I am 5' 8'. Greem eyes, brown hair, heavy set. My hobbies include autograph collecting, watching movies (Sci-Fi Horror) mainly. I also write...

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