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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 27 to 29 years old


dudeman178 29 y/o

Canada, New Glasgow
its not over till its over
kind hearted open minded blonde hair blue eyes i want to be here for someone and someone be there for me so we can both be happy and not lonely 21

Canada, Edmonton
Live hard, drink easy, die high
Well, i like to be active and all. I love swimming and soccer. I smoke and drink, but i am trying to kick the smoking habbit. I like to meet new...

Canada, Hamilton
HEy everone whats up....first of all my names Michael and i am currently attending college. I play a lot of sports and stay very active. if theres...
Wyldemann 29 y/o

Canada, Medicine Hat
Legends Live Where Legends Roam
I am a fun loving guy who likes to go out an enjoy the outdoors, I like to restore old classic vehichles and play guitar. I guess you could say Im...
Canuck3000 29 y/o

Canada, Winnipeg
me likey to be happy
Hmm...describe myself eh. well lets see, im actually 17, i play varsity basketball, volleyball, and soccer. My major is Architectural Engineering....
Josephat 28 y/o

Canada, Athelmer
am 24 student
My name is Josephat am 24 tall, average a third year civil engineering student. And am in here to look for some one that suits me and some that...
bluejay69 29 y/o

Canada, Port Alberni
i have orange hair brown eyes im 6'2 i have a 10inchlong dick im always horny name is jason im always home no matter wat
allthatlover 29 y/o

Canada, Montreal
Find ure passion to fuel ure dreams to turn it...
Im very nice generous kind. I love kids sports i like to bake and cook, i play baseball im in shape i can wiggle my ears. I work in flowering and...
kevinh11 28 y/o

Canada, Alcona
Im kevin im 250 pounds and im 6 feet i play hockey football baseball rugby and i just got out of a hockey injury so girls take it easy on me when...
alcaponi 29 y/o

Canada, Richmond
Be 1st Or Dont Try At All.
My name is AL short for Ali. I was born in Turkey , Istanbul lived there till I reached the age of 12 then moved to Canada, went to school then...

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