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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 27 to 29 years old



Canada, Edmonton
Live hard, drink easy, die high
Well, i like to be active and all. I love swimming and soccer. I smoke and drink, but i am trying to kick the smoking habbit. I like to meet new...

Canada, Hamilton
HEy everone whats up....first of all my names Michael and i am currently attending college. I play a lot of sports and stay very active. if theres...
Canuck3000 29 y/o

Canada, Winnipeg
me likey to be happy
Hmm...describe myself eh. well lets see, im actually 17, i play varsity basketball, volleyball, and soccer. My major is Architectural Engineering....
Josephat 28 y/o

Canada, Athelmer
am 24 student
My name is Josephat am 24 tall, average a third year civil engineering student. And am in here to look for some one that suits me and some that...
shyYoungGuy 27 y/o

Canada, Kimberley
wait for it
i have hazle eyes dark hair im good looking im not a girly man( i have hair on my chest!) im a good guy ill always stand up for my girl and do my...
allthatlover 29 y/o

Canada, Montreal
Find ure passion to fuel ure dreams to turn it...
Im very nice generous kind. I love kids sports i like to bake and cook, i play baseball im in shape i can wiggle my ears. I work in flowering and...
kevinh11 28 y/o

Canada, Alcona
Im kevin im 250 pounds and im 6 feet i play hockey football baseball rugby and i just got out of a hockey injury so girls take it easy on me when...
alcaponi 29 y/o

Canada, Richmond
Be 1st Or Dont Try At All.
My name is AL short for Ali. I was born in Turkey , Istanbul lived there till I reached the age of 12 then moved to Canada, went to school then...
youngguy2007 29 y/o

Canada, London
What Goes Around Comes Around
Iím a young, energetic, masculine, good-hearted person (everyone says they are good hearted so I donít even know why I put that, it just makes me...
cooljay70 29 y/o

Canada, North Bay
I want to meet someone who can share my interests.
My name is Jason and I have brown hair, brown eyes and i'm 5"10. I like all kinds of sports like basketball, floor hockey, soccer, baseball,...

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