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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 30 to 32 years old


25346 31 y/o

Canada, Surrey
HI everyone, I am an ener...
HI everyone, I am an energic and athelte type of guy. I am very fun to be around, I play basketball and soccer. I also a musician. If you looking...
jbarrett22 32 y/o

Canada, Kingston
Open to anything
i am a volunteer firefighter and i am looking to become a military police officer either in the united states military or the canadian military i...

Canada, Sarnia
Hello my name is wayne
Hi my name is wayne I like to play basketball and be outdoors quite often my hobbies are playing pool, bowling, swimming, football, baseball,...
tonsoffun2 30 y/o

Canada, Grande Prairie
I love to have fun
Lets see, Well my names Chad. I'm an easy-going guy that loves to laugh and have fun. I like country music, like to play sports and just hang out...
mattstus 32 y/o

Canada, Ottawa
Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk,...
Hey Im Matt 6 feet tall athletic build just here looking for some casual fun or just going out and having a good time. If you interested let me...
cmerrick21 31 y/o

Canada, Winnipeg
hello everyone
I'm 5'7, 157 pds blonde hair and blue eyes i like to go skating and biking. I also enjoy swimming in my pool, i'm outgoing and a great listener. i...
jones420 30 y/o

Canada, Hanover
I don't want to die without any scars.
I am a 19 year old male from hanover ontario. I like to be spontaneous and have fun. I am out there looking for an older woman woth some experience...
rockmusician 32 y/o

Canada, Toronto
chaos and glory
I'm a 20 year old musician living and working in the heart of toronto. I'm from the small town of kirkland lake, ontario and I've just moved here...
HereForyou 31 y/o

Hey, Here looking for a good t
Hey, I am a hick I'll admit it!! And I LOVE it!!! I am from a small dairy farm. I am at Brock University to become a high school math teacher. I...
Playnskilz 30 y/o

Canada, Longueuil
Take Life A Day At A Time
My name is Matthew i'm 18. I am a sport addict: I practice everything from rollerblading to college football and extreme sports. I like to spend...

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