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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 54 to 56 years old


riverrunner 55 y/o

Canada, Ottawa
Deux Juvat
I'm am a wild wilderness adventurist. I enjoy things like camping and canoeing, movies and music, mountain biking and rollerblading, hangin' with...
tazman63 55 y/o

Canada, Hamilton
Caring, understanding, loveing, fun to be with, like going for walks in the park or beach , like fishing, spending time with my family and friends...
28299 55 y/o

I'm an honest, caring, s...
I'm an honest, caring, supportive, helpful, very knowledgeable when it comes to fixing a vast array of things. which, I do not only as a job but as...
NATIVE 54 y/o

Canada, New Glasgow
you look good
I am new at this so bear with me. I guess you know that I'm native and I am very spiritual. I am a very romantic person. I love writing native...
Davidfabbro 54 y/o

Canada, Nanaimo
Well travelled looking for friends to write to...
Musician, sailor, snowboarder, windsurfer, moto-cross, six feet three inches, 200 lbs. I am interested in conversation with smart funny people who...
daval 56 y/o

Canada, Charlottetown
Life is good
I\'m 5ft 9 inches, thirty five pounds over weight, curly hair when long, (kept short right now.) I play guitar and mandolyn and have written a...
Reemen 54 y/o

Canada, Montreal
Long term
Honesty & communication ( both very important!) I' m patient, good listener, spiritual, string yet, sensitive ( compassionate ) réalités,...

Canada, Alert Bay
looking for love leading to marrige
looking real life panther to marry.GOD fear woman ,honest,love and caring
Jeri 55 y/o

Canada, Oakville
im a asian lovable,caring,understandable like to settle down and have a happy family to grow on and settled down for taking care and to take care...
zconex 55 y/o

Canada, Winkler
It's about love....
I am intelligent, calm, secure, spiritually focused, patient, kind, optimistic, generous, tough, soft, and willing... I am an exceptional man. I...

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