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Canada Personals, Canada Dating North American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 69 to 71 years old


52467 69 y/o

Canada, Belleville
I am a happy go lucky, st...
I am a happy go lucky, stress free, calm, cool and collected middle aged individual who is looking for romance and love. I enjoy the serene parts...
37890 69 y/o

I am a fairly interesting...
I am a fairly interesting, physically and intellectually active, pretty decent looking guy. Emotional and physical intimacy are important . Born in...
bykerboi 70 y/o

Freedom loving, strong-wi...
Freedom loving, strong-willed, independent-minded. Stubborn to a fault, opiniated, with strong convictions regarding fairness and equality. A...
bellon3849 69 y/o

live while you can
I live life on the edge, I am not afraid to take chances in life or in love I love to cook, I like all kinds of music, from classical to Rock &...
Thunderlyric 69 y/o

Canada, Ottawa
It is time for love and romanc
Honest, caring and loving. Seeking for loving lady to share romantic moments with, walking in the beach or playing tennis, or just talking and...